Art can be characterized through many forms or activities. The artworks can represent an array of emotions and, at the same time, it can help to illustratively emphasize upon the environment that surrounds us. Sometimes, it can be a tool to reflect upon the fantasies and even influence the ways in which to live, to think and experience life. Whether it is the communication of one’s wisdom or simply an expression of joy; creatively using the gift to explore what is there and beyond, can be liberating in many ways.

Kaya’s passion for fabrics and dye began in her formative years as a fine arts student and evolved into a curious journey to finding imaginative ways for expanding the potentiality of her designs. In performing art, she used an array of elements that aspired her to capture particular moments in time, dreams or the stories. In this website, her paintings as well as her designs of handmade scarves and shawls were compiled and presented for both friends and for the wider audience.